Reopen north Sydney pool after covid-19

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With the covid-19 virus closing down alot of businesses in NSW, one of them is North Sydney Olympic pool. However council have decided to close down the pool not only while the virus outbreak continues but indefinitely even after everything is back to normal with businesses opening back up. All employees have been made redundant in a meeting held and all casual staff let go with no warning period. This leaves many employees without jobs and a Centre shut down for general public to use for exercise for no reason.  They have also not made an announcement to the general public of this decision made. The development for the pool is nowhere near finalized and as reports have published on many occasions recently are not going well at all due to funding and the current plans in place having many problems. This would mean the pool could be closed for many years to come when it doesn’t need to be. we propose that the pool be reopen after the covid-19 virus under control for use of the general public of Australia to use and the council explain why they have made this decision so quickly without letting the public know and not giving the staff notice at all.