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Mrs. Kathy Shaffer, the former 8th-grade civics teacher at North Star Middle School, recently applied for a position on the North Star School Board. Upon just the mention of her name, most former students will start rattling off memories of the passion she had for teaching, the challenges she presented in the classroom, or her role in the musical program. She is, undoubtedly, the candidate most fit for the position. We are a group of students organizing independently to support her candidacy to the board. We are asking that you do two things:

  1. Read the letter below and sign the petition (in doing so, you will be signing the letter). It will be presented at the school board meeting.
  2. If you are able, attend the school board meeting on Tuesday, July 10. It begins at 7:00 pm (we are asking that everyone meet outside of the school at 6:50) and is in the elementary school's library.

Finally, we ask that you refrain from sharing this on social media to avoid the often inappropriate and sensationalist culture that those platforms can create. That said, please feel free to pass the link along to other former students of Mrs. Shaffer. We'd like to effectively communicate our goals to the board, but also maintain a professional composure.

Feel free to leave a comment below as to how Mrs. Shaffer has impacted you. ;)


To the members of the Board:

Good evening. It is with great privilege that we come to you today in support of Mrs. Shaffer's election to the board. Mrs. Shaffer was influential in all of our lives, whether through education, music, or community involvement. We are pleased and proud to serve as testaments of her commitment today.

If you asked any North Star student about their most instrumental educator, many would immediately start telling you stories about Kathy Shaffer. Mrs. Shaffer knew that the key to a quality education was high standards. Her study guides were exhausting, her papers demanding, and her tests detail-oriented, but we benefited tremendously from her class. She searched tirelessly for new avenues to present material, fresh resources to make her class more engaging, and ways to bring a spark to her classroom environment. Even after leaving her teaching career, Mrs. Shaffer stayed actively involved in teaching, joining the education team at Fort Ligonier to give tours in her free time.

Perhaps Mrs. Shaffer's excellence in the classroom was due in part to her inexplicable passion for the curriculum, but the true mark of an educator transcends the material they teach. What made Mrs. Shaffer particularly special was her heart. She cared about the community around the school; she incentivized students to participate in community service with bonus points. She oversaw student government, teaching students leadership and public speaking skills. She started the musical program, which attracts thousands of visitors to the high school each year and creates an opportunity for music education that is unparalleled in the region. She founded and runs a non-profit that has granted thousands of dollars in scholarship money to North Star students and is also opening a library in Hooversville next year.

We could say more, but the point is this: Mrs. Shaffer cares. She cares about North Star, she cares about the community, and she cares about the students living here. Passing on the opportunity to have her on the board would be passing on the opportunity to have profound educational insight, community awareness, and a unique perspective to benefit all that you do. The world needs more people like Mrs. Shaffer, and so does this board.


(our names)

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