Care For Our Children With Disabilities!

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DO NOT SEND MONEY!!! As it stands nurses are not able to care for medically fragile children in their home or extra curricular activities without an adult 18yrs or over present. There is no policy for this situation. How do parents work when their child is ill? For an Integration association that is geared to the population of minors how has this been overlooked. Adults with dementia are cared for in their home by a nurse alone so caregivers can shop for groceries and it is funded but they discriminate against children who have disabilities! They say use respite money. With wages of nurses this is not possible nor should it be necessary. My daughters name is Hope and she has severe Cerebral Palsy. She uses a wheelchair and is tube fed. She requires suctioning and nebulizer treatments 4 times a day. She deserves the best care whether at home or at school without restrictions. Make this policy happen to allow medically fragile children to have funded nursing in their home or activities without a parent having to oversee them in order to fully use the time of respite. Please don't send money just your signature is appreciated.