Save Birkenhead ANZ

Save Birkenhead ANZ

1 July 2020
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North Shore City Council and 3 others
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Why this petition matters


Our bank is closing, permanently!

Birkenhead shopping centre is slowly dying. Due to the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, many shops have closed, the Warehouse staff have been made redundant, ASB are reducing hours. The nearest bank will be in Glenfield Mall, but not all local residents are able to get there and/or have online access. One to one customer service is sometimes the only contact some of these elderly residents have during the week. We have already seen the post office downsizing, we cannot loose our bank too!

The bank is closing branches all over New Zealand, in Riverton, Motueke, Turangi, Glen Eden and more, saying it is because they are not generating enough profits for the bank. It is a disgrace that ANZ is blaming customers for its 'decision to shut branches' and should understand the impact on customers and local communities when they desert towns and suburbs.

Let us save ANZ Birkenhead, rebuild the area and support our local community.

Thank you.

If you can write a letter, here is the address:

Stuart McKinnon, Managing Director,
Ben Kelleher, local branch manager,
ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited
26 Birkenhead Ave

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Signatures: 38Next Goal: 50
Support now


  • North Shore City Council
  • Dan BidoisNational member for Northcote
  • Ben Kelleher
  • Stuart McKinnonANZ Institutional Relationships