Stop the Development of Weekley Hall Wood and Wildflower Meadow, Kettering

Stop the Development of Weekley Hall Wood and Wildflower Meadow, Kettering

2 April 2020
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North Northamptonshire Council (Area Planning Committee Kettering) and 3 others
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Why this petition matters

A planning application has been submitted to North Northamptonshire Council by Buccleuch Property Ltd which proposes the destruction of Weekley Hall Wood's wildflower meadow to the north of Kettering for the speculative development of warehouses.

Please visit for more information.

If approved, development will result in the loss of a sizeable wildflower meadow, and several popular walking, running and cycling routes. This site is important from a human perspective as it provides easy access to a woodland and grassland site that borders the town. It is essential for residents' mental and physical wellbeing, and the loss of this community asset will have a grave impact on local access to wildlife and the outdoors.

We have grave concerns about the scale of species loss due to eradication of grassland habitat that will occur if the planning application is approved by the new North Northamptonshire Council, such as UK Biodiversity Action Plan species known to have colonised the site, such as the grizzled and dingy skipper butterflies.

Following submission of the original planning application in March 2020, the Save Weekley Hall Wood campaign team formed and has since had great success in publicising the threat to the woodland and wildflower meadow.

We have had several articles published in the Northants Telegraph, including:

7th Apr 2020:

14th May 2020:

18th May 2021:

Campaign team member Dez Dell was interviewed on BBC Radio Northampton (5th May 2020):

The campaign has been featured in Logistics Manager magazine (19th May 2020):

Rothwell Town Councillor, Ash Davies, quit his role on the planning committee to oppose development of the wood and meadow (3rd Dec 2020):

WIRED UK article (23rd Jun 2021):

Northants Telegraph article on the Save Weekley Hall Wood demonstration at Kettering's council offices and deferral of the IM Kelly application (27th Aug 2021): 

And a BBC News report on the same event (27th Aug 2021): 

'More than 100 join walk to show their love for Kettering wood' (28th Sep 2021):

'Hundreds show their love for Kettering wood at 'magical' winter festival' (14th Dec 2021): 

We sincerely hope that you can add your voice to the chorus for the benefit of local wildlife and general public alike. Thank you so much for any support you can offer!


67 people signed this week
Signatures: 24,178Next Goal: 25,000
67 people signed this week


  • North Northamptonshire CouncilArea Planning Committee Kettering
  • Buccleuch Property (Kettering) Ltd
  • Craig MilesCase Officer, North Northamptonshire Council
  • Natalie WestgateCase Officer, North Northamptonshire Council