NMFC: Brad Scott Must Be Sacked!

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This petition is made on behalf of the North Melbourne supporters - both paying members and general supporters. Everyone deserves a say in the club they love and support.

What have we achieved under Brad Scott as a coach? His decade of decay has damaged our brand:
No discipline or consequences
He plays favorites
Loss of games at the selection table
Prematurely ending a legend’s career
The under development of  talent.
The worst disposal, tackling and centre square set up in the AFL
Sloppy, one metre handballs
Giving up big leads

Brad Scott is responsible for our lamentable win / loss ratio. Under his coaching the record is:
2010  won 11 games  and finished 9th
2011  won 10 games and finished 9th
2012  won 14 games and finished 8th  and lost in the Elimination final
2013  won 10 games and finished 10th
2014  won 14 games and finished 6th and lost in the Preliminary final
2015  won 13 games and finished 8th and lost in the Preliminary final
2016  won 12 games and finished 8th and lost in the Elimination final
2017  won 6 games and finished 15th
2018  won 12 wins and finished 9th - a shock to many in the football world

To remedy this, we tried to land some new players, but were rejected by many. The question is, ‘Why?’

That brings North to this year. What has it done so far? The Kangas were smashed in round one in Perth. Round two was somewhat better, but Brisbane was still able to run over North in the last quarter. And, in round three, it lost. AGAIN. To an out of form Hawthorn outfit.  North Melbourne has had the same game plan for years and it is too predictable. To make matters worse, Brad Scott does not seem to have a plan B. The buck must stop with him.

Not only does Brad Scott lack gameday smarts, but his selection of players is at best, bewildering. Let’s talk about the players that are missing or are not being played….. Paul Ahern? He seems fit and would run laps around most that are playing. Anderson? He seems to be ready to make a comeback, so why wasn’t he selected for round three?  Instead, players that make mistakes and turn the ball over, week in and week out, get selected over fit and match ready players. WE are sick of seeing players that are in our best 22 not being played! WE are also sick of seeing this brand of footy, which is getting North Melbourne NOWHERE. Truth be told, Brad Scott is not a coach that will take North Melbourne to its 5th flag.