Remove waste from Killingholme Airfield- affecting animals, Livestock and residents.

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Killingholme Airfield has been left with 50,000 tons of bales filled with household waste, rubbish and recycling. Originally placed here for recycling, it has been left to rot since the company went bust 5 years ago. It is known as Britain’s biggest recycling mountain left rotting and producing horrendous smells and a breeding ground for bacteria and flies.

The surrounding villages and farms are exposed to excessive smells and flies causing issues to the welfare of livestock and residents. Many livestock animals are being affected by the flies causing skin irritation, swelled eyes and conjunctivitis. Animals such as cows and horses are having to suffer with the above health issues as well as having to wear protective coverings and sprays to try and relieve them from the flies.

Residents of the area have struggled through the past 5 years due to flies in the area and the smells from the rotting waste nearby. This issue has been raised with the local council and televised on the BBC but to no change or plan in place to remove the waste. As the warm weather approaches, the intensity of the issue increases. 

This is an issue that has been ongoing for 5 years and needs resolving by the waste being removed by North Lincolnshire Council.

The welfare and lives of animals and residents to the area should NOT BE COMPROMISED due to excessive waste rotting in the area. This needs to be moved before the issue gets worse.