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The threshold for shelter for animals is very low in Nevada. Some local jurisdictions have adopted stricter standards for what is considered adequate shelter but these measures fall short during extreme Heat & Cold temperatures.  

In this recent heart wrenching case of a dog who suffered horrifically tied on the end of a chain,  unable to move, in hot dirt, her owners stood by and rendered no medical aid or even brought her inside while she was clearly in audible and physical distress from heat stroke. A poor neighbor tried frantically to summon authorities and reached out to us to help this dog. Even after an urgent, felony in progress, animal welfare call was called into NLV dispatch,  it took another 1.5 HOURS for police & animal control to respond.  According to the owner,  the dog had already died,  still on the end of the chain in extreme HEAT.  All they did was hose her off and move a trampoline over her body, then went back into their air conditioned home while she lay dying unable to move.  *See Videos.

We demanded felony animal cruelty charges (as we authored NV's felony cruelty law in 2011) and were told by NLV Animal Control Officer Olivera that this was NOT a crime, it was not willful or malicious, the dog had a dog house and access to water and she was old and sick and therefore not owners fault. (INSERT OUTRAGE & DETERMINATION HERE)

Clearly, we REFUSE to accept this answer. We REFUSE to let this dog die heinously, in vain. HELP US

1.) DEMAND FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY charges for the callous, cruel, torture of this dog, in addition to Chaining and other charges. Ensure a thorough cruelty  investigation, including Necropsy, is performed,  

2). HELP US RAISE the standard for "SHELTER" for animals at state & local levels,   and

3). HELP US STRENGTHEN "Cooney's law " our existing felony cruelty law. (State legislature)