Reduce hire costs of Calderhead High School 3G Facility

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Currently the Costs of hiring 1/3 of a pitch of the 3g Facility at Calderhead High School Shotts costs Junior/Youth Groups £18.20 per Hour. Rising to £19.20 per hour in April 2018 weekdays 

Weekend Rate is currently £36 per hour for Full Pitch for 2 hours for youth Groups.

Senior Sports groups the Price is Double the amount above.

We feel the sports groups in the Shotts Community

Shotts YMCA

Shotts Bon Accord

Dykhead Dynamos AFC

Shotts Thistle AFC

Springhill AFC 

Harthill Royal JFC 

Symington Tinto AFC 

All team that use this facility at weekday evenings and weekends  will be prices out as the ever increasing prices are too expensive for these groups to affort as there reliant on Fundraising to kerp there teams afloat.

Expecially the Kids who do sports there there clubs will cease to exsist leaving these kids to go back to the streets of Shotts and surrounding areas where we feel this facility should be getting used to its macimum potential to encourage youth in to sports. 

While other villages have affordable facilities

we in shotts are struggling by the greed of Culture NL   


Faulhouse Partnership £13 an hour - Anytime of week 

South Lanarkshire £9 per hour -Anytime of week 

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