ASN children left in limbo - do NLC even care?

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North Lanarkshire Council recently released a shiny new "ASN Review" full of positive words and terms like "inclusion" and "closing the perceived gap" between asn and mainstream pupils which is all very well in theory but the reality is that this appears to be nothing more than the usual lip service and smoke and mirrors that parents/carers of ASN kids in north lanarkshire have unfortunately become accustomed to and it needs to stop.

There are many issues we as parents/carers have to battle for in order to try and give our kids as similar an educational experience as other kids and we feel this is something local councils should be looking to make easier not harder.

The issue at the forefront just now and the "straw that broke the camels back so to speak" that forced us to take action and seek your help is as follows.

The average mainstream child is allocated a high school placement in primary 5, this is normally followed up by visits to this school in primary 6 and primary 7 which all in all gives them roughly 2 years transition to prepare for where they are going, now weigh this against the ASN children of the same age, a lot of whom are kids with conditions that make change and new people and places a very difficult thing for them to handle, these children's parents are informed in primary 6 simply that they will indeed be attending an ASN high school, they are then asked in primary 7 to formally apply which they are told has to be completed by September, we are now in February, mere months from the end of primary 7 and these kids still haven't the faintest idea what is happening. These children are trying to prepare for the next big chapter in their lives and both them and their parents want to be excited about starting high school but this excitement is quickly turning to anxiety the longer they go without actually knowing which high school they will be attending and it has reached the point that as parents we all want answers. The council have even had the audacity to add insult to injury and begin contacting these anxious parents who still have no idea where their child will be attending high school to ask if they would mind transporting them there themselves.

Where is the inclusion here? this is discrimination and these children are a second thought once again, it's not good enough, it's time for it to change.