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Comfort, equality, choice, freedom. Change the dress code. Leggings and ripped jeans.

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It's 2017, no one should be judged by their outward appearance of their clothes, no one should be unable to wear certain clothes because of it being a "distraction" to others. Students come to school to learn and graduate, we want our four years of high school to be as smoothe as possible. There are certain things that make a difference to High School students, certain things that just make life a little bit easier. One certain thing is leggings, a step up from the comfort of pjs but still as acceptable (or should be) as jeans. I have no idea why us students at North Gaston are restricted from wearing leggings to school, it is 2017, giving us the reason that leggings are a distraction is something sexist and old fashioned. It's time for change and part of that change is realizing that some standards need to go. 

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