Request for NENA Special Meeting

Request for NENA Special Meeting

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North End Neighborhood Association Board of Directors

Why this petition matters

We, as members of the North End Neighborhood Association, are requesting a special meeting with the NENA Board of Directors for the purpose of bringing forth concerns about the NENA Annual meeting and legitimacy of Board elections held on Tuesday, October 27th, 2020. Additionally, no recruitment committee was formed to nominate persons for board positions, as required by NENA bylaw Article IX, Item 2. 

Our requested resolution is an invalidation of election results and a new election no earlier than January 2021, with candidates and biography information to be posted to the NENA website in advance of the election, so that all voting members may make educated choices in neighborhood representation. The new board members elected at the annual meeting on 10/27/20 were not fairly or honestly elected, do not share the values of the North End neighborhood, and would not appropriately represent the neighborhood at large.  They have a documented agenda that is self-serving (see: TRICA, Block 75). Instead, we believe that board members should be elected based on their experience, qualifications, prior volunteer history, and dedication to the good of the entire neighborhood.  

All North End residents, business owners, property owners, and employees of businesses within North End neighborhood boundaries are encouraged to sign. PLEASE ENSURE YOU SUBMIT A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS SO THAT A NORTH END ADDRESS CAN BE CONFIRMED, IF NEEDED. 

Concerns about the October elections include but are not limited to: 

  • Organized bloc voting by a group either not known to neighbors, not previously active in the neighborhood, or who refused to turn cameras on or provide identification, indicating that they may have misrepresented themselves as NENA members and residents of the North End. 
  • Board candidates (and/or others working with them) spreading malicious misinformation about existing board members by flyer, letter, and email. 
  • Voter intimidation (attacks in Zoom chat toward those not affiliated with the bloc vote group).
  • Undisclosed close familial relationships (brother/sister, husband/wife) of candidates, which is not appropriate or ethical.
  • A shared agenda by at least five candidates which makes a fair and balanced board impossible and does not represent the best interests of the North End neighborhood as a whole. All six newly elected board members live within one block of two contentious areas: TRICA at 14th & Eastman or Block 75 at Hays/Fort/11th/12th. 
  • Refusal by candidates to answer questions posed by the voting members prior to election.

YOUR SIGNATURE IS NEEDED! Tell NENA that the neighborhood wants and deserves better. Please ensure your signature includes your full name and email address so that you may be contacted for verification (if needed). 

Please plan to attend the November NENA meeting on Tuesday, November 24th from 7-9pm. Zoom link to be posted prior to the meeting at This is a critical meeting!

*A minimum of 100 signatures is required for neighbors to demand a special meeting. Upon submission of this petition and verification of the signatures, the NENA Board must schedule a special meeting within 30 days.

**Please do not donate; there is no need for donations - only signatures asking for change!





314 have signed. Let’s get to 500!