Stop NE Lincs Council doubling the council tax of vulnerable people

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The Conservative Council in North East Lincolnshire want to reduce the financial support for council tax from 75% to 50%.  This will hit the poorest and most disadvantaged, including the disabled.


The Council argue that it has been done already in North Lincolnshire.  However, this reasoning is flawed: North Lincolnshire is not a comparable authority, as there is more deprivation in North East Lincolnshire; and North Lincolnshire is one of the few authorities in the country to take this draconian approach - most authorities consider this a step too far.  It would be fairer, and make more financial sense, for the council to improve the collection rates rather than punish the most disadvantaged.  The council tax collection rates have fallen by nearly 10%.


The consultation is a sham; there is no option to object to the proposal.  This measure, if passed, will increase strain on society in Grimsby and Cleethorpes.