Demanding justice for BIPOC students at NDSU

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Recently, there have been several racist posts on social media coming from different NDSU students. These horrendous posts include white people using the N-word in a group chat and others reenacting the murder of George Floyd in cop costumes. NDSU claims to have solved the group chat problem, but refuses to tell the public just exactly what they did to solve it due to “policy”.

We are demanding change in policy at NDSU so we know that the problem has truly been dealt with and that the students were rightly punished for their hate speech and actions. The BIPOC community of NDSU and Fargo-Moorhead need to know that the leadership truly cares about us and our voices are truly heard.

We need and deserve to feel safe in our own communities. Sign our petition and help us raise awareness of the problem at hand and get NDSU to change their policies regarding diversity and inclusion incidents!