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NO DAPL - FREE Film maker Deia Schlosberg &  Film producer Shailene Woodley

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In September of this year, many journalists were covering the story of the Dakota Access Pipeline including film-maker Deia Schlosberg and journalist and PBS host of Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman. As well as film producer, Shailene Woodley.  They did not partake in the protests, they only were there to film the actions of the protesters as well as the actions of the construction company Dakota Access who is building the controversial pipeline. As many people recall, the Washington D.C. Federal Appeals Court temporarily halted the construction of pipeline. Despite this courts decision the construction company went ahead and began bulldozed the sacred site. Not only dd they violate the court order, but they also violated the Standing Rock tribe's land rights and culture when they did this. Part of the land they bulldozed was a sacred burial ground where their ancestors were laid to rest. When protesters discovered the sounds of the bulldozers knowing a temporary restraining order had been put in place, many ran to intervene in the Dakota Access' illegal actions. They were met with violence by the company's employees, including pepper spray, physical assault as well as dogs being used to attack the protesters. Several media members have been arrested for simply documenting this events. 

While there flim maker Deia Schlosberg was filming the incident, nothing more. Her camera and footage was confiscated and then she was charged with three felonies that carry a total of 45 years in prison if convicted. It should be noted that according to Edward Snowden, the charges he is facing currently if he should return to the U.S. is 30 years in prison.  She is facing charges for the following: conspiracy to theft of property, conspiracy to theft of services and conspiracy to tampering with or damaging a public service.  Shailene Woodley, a film producer also there to document the protest is facing the same three charges.

Amy Goodman (update) was facing trespassing and then inciting riot charges. These charges were thrown out as of today, October 17, 2016. It's great news but Schlosberg and Woodley still are facing 45 years in prison for doing what Amy Goodman was cleared from. They need to be free too and anyone else in the media that is facing charges!

These charges are absurd and it's very clear that the State's Attorney Ladd Erikson is seeking to prosecute for the state of North Dakota's best interest, the pipeline. All along the government federal and state has been working with Dakota Access to get this pipeline approved because they are seeing dollar signs and are not thinking about what is best for the people who will be devastated not if but when the pipeline will leak and break. No charges have been filed against the workers who assaulted the protesters, yet the State is seeking to charge the journalists as well as cameramen/women who filmed the events as it is their job. Please sign this petition to pressure North Dakota State Attorney Ladd Erikson to drop all the charges against Schlosberg, Goodman as well as others who were filed with trumped up charges. If charged it would set a dangerous precedent regarding the First Amendment in the Freedom of the Press. 


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