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North Dakota Legislature: Stop the ND Personhood bills, SB 2303, SB 2302 and SCR 4009

The ND personhood bills supposedly only make abortion illegal. However, when carefully reading these they actually restrict women's liberties and decision making in many more ways. Childless couples would face almost insurmountable hurdles because of a restriction on embryo freezing. Women could be limited in where and how they want to give birth, what interventions they might use, and what birth control is available to them. This is not about being pro-life or pro-choice. Other, much less restrictive laws, could be introduced to outlaw abortion. These bills restrict women's and couple's reproductive rights in a much broader way.

Please sign this petition to help us defeat the 2013 "personhood" bills and allow all North Dakota women the same rights afforded to all US Citizens under the constitution.

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