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North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer: Apologize for threatening acts of violence

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Kevin Cramer is the North Dakota's lone Congressman. He is a Republican and he has grossly offended our women and our Tribal leaders. This is absolutely appalling. Kevin Cramer should be ASHAMED of himself. Thanks to Melissa Merrick for putting pen to paper to let us know, you carried yourself well in the face of ignorance.

Sexual assault rates across North America towards indigenous women are at a sickening high.

For every 1,000 indigenous women in a district, 330 of them will be assaulted.

1 in 3 will be raped.

2 in 5 will experience domestic violence.

3 in 5 will be physically assaulted.

The most unique thing about these statistics? 88% of the time, the perpetrator is non indigenous. Meaning one thing: We’re being targeted. Targeted to flawed laws, racism, and deep rooted corruption in the institutions set up to protect and serve the public. Up until recently, 7 March 2013 recently, when the Violence Against Women Act was reauthorized including tribal provisions, tribal governments had no authority to properly address cases.

Keep in mind, while the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act is a huge step, it only covers our indigenous sisters in the United States, leaving our indigenous sisters in Canada on the same continuing path. Aside from legal protection not being able to cover the indigenous women across Turtle Island, a signed bill, regardless of borders, will not bring down the rate of assault for years to come, or delete the racism and corruption from society.

Kevin Cramer showed his concern for white males instead of his concern for these statistics and punctuated it with threats of violence.

This is unacceptable.

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