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North Cobb high school girls basketball coaches: let Taylor play basketball for McEachern high school.

Taylor has lived in the powder springs community for 15 years and choose to participate in the North Cobb magnet program. With her dad working over seas, it became physically and emotionally hard for her to spend 2 hours on the road often times traveling late at night, studing until hours of the morning, getting on average 4 hours of sleep just to get up and repeat the process the next day. It became too difficult to balance so Taylor has chosen to stay in district for McEachern high school. North Cobb disagrees and doesn't think this is a hardship and petitioned that Taylor not be able to play basketball. This is unfair treatment to a talented high school basketball player and who is IN DISTRICT and at the correct school. Please sign the petition to support Taylor Gordon in her fight to play basketball.

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  • North Cobb high school girls basketball coaches

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