Oppose setback appeal for 1175 Leesville Street

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The owner (Shannon Jones of Charleston, SC 29401) and builder (Port City Homes, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464) for empty lot 1175 Leesville Street want to change the setback from the required street average of 61.5 feet to 46.5 feet. This 15 foot change in setback from Leesville Street will detract from the aesthetic of the street and neighborhood as a whole. On their application for the Zoning Board of Appeals, they state that it is important to save the existing live oak on the property, and yet their plan will substantially cut back the current foliage, and probably the root system when they pour concrete for the foundation, while it would leave the trunk intact.

Link to application for appeal: https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1BAGJ6Sv22IxQpsfoWsmqsww5-PbrfKha/1dOroestZLIaKD10M4Q9-XQARBGSNrqF3?usp=sharing&sort=13&direction=a

Sign your name to support denying this application to reduce the setback, save the tree, and keep Park Circle beautiful!