Stop the construction of wind turbines in north central Texas

Stop the construction of wind turbines in north central Texas

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Why this petition matters

I oppose the construction of windfarms in this and nearby counties.

Wind turbines are an eyesore that devalue property and limit the number of potential land buyers.

I believe wind turbines will ruin the landscape of our county, eliminating the beautiful Texas sunsets, and other natural areas such as our hills and lakes.

Wind turbines will forever change the night skies with their red blinking lights.

I believe wind turbines will negatively impact the environment as farmland and vegetation will be destroyed to accommodate the 18 wheelers delivering 150’ blades and cement for the base.

Wind turbines are also noisy, disturbing the peace of north Texas and interfering with echolocation in bats, killing them and disrupting our fragile ecosystem.

We will have to build more transmission lines to transmit energy; we will pay higher electricity rates for it.

I want reliable and affordable electricity. Windmill energy is unreliable yet makes up 25% of our grid. It is a primary cause of statewide energy outages.

My taxes fund these windfarms, but I don’t receive any benefit.

Income for a few people from a wind farm is not worth the substantial losses it will create for future generations.

I believe that the economic and environmental costs exceed the benefits. While we will all pay to subsidize wind farms, few will benefit.

Please respect my right as a citizen to be heard. My signature on this petition represents my stance against any wind farm and may be used for any purpose that may arise against any wind farm project in my school district and my county.

2,670 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!