North Castle Field Improvements

North Castle Field Improvements

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Rachel Milim started this petition to North Castle Residents

Dear parents, players, coaches and everyone who loves sports,

We are reaching out as a coalition of youth sports leaders in Armonk, who working to build community support for improving our athletic fields. Despite the tremendous growth in organized sports in our town, the North Castle Town Board has done little to build, manage and improve the fields these sports need.  Our athletic fields are among the worst in Westchester, despite residents paying among the highest taxes.  This is totally unacceptable.

For years, our kids have been struggling with our sub-par town athletic fields. Our Town Board has continually let us down with poor decisions about field maintenance (allowing grub infestations, for example) and prioritizing our tax dollars away from the things we care about most, like quality fields for our kids to play on.  It's time we send the Town Board a clear message that this will no longer be tolerated by our community: Please sign this petition to let the Town of North Castle know that we are outraged with the town board's decisions regarding our playing fields.  Fix our fields now!

Our kids deserve better than grub infestations, rain puddles on sunny days, and unsafe conditions (like potholes and bare spots).  We all know how bad this issue has become, and it's time that your Town Board hears your voice.

Athletics are integral to the well-being of our children.  Armonk's decaying and outdated athletic fields require URGENT attention after decades of under-investment. We demand that the town immediately undertake an improvement program to: 

  • Rehabilitate fields in disrepair
  • Construct artificial turf fields
  • Increase maintenance to support usage levels
  • Install additional field lighting
  • Install rest room facilities
  • Treat grub infestations with safe and effective grub control pesticides

We should want to be proud, and not embarrassed, of our fields when other towns travel to compete against us.  We do not want below average, or even average, fields and facilities.  We demand that the Town of North Castle spend the time and money it takes to make our athletic fields best-in-class.  Your support will be shared with the Town of North Castle to show the Town Board that we demand immediate and meaningful action to fix this issue. Our kids deserve better.

On behalf of Armonk's Youth Sports Programs, we thank you!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!