Keep the Dixie Classic Fair Name

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“The Dixie Classic Fair “,This name has been since its origination in 1956. Pandering to the feelings of a few outsiders has never been something “We “ as a state have never done. Let’s not start now.When we start giving up the parts of our history that make us who we are we lose our identity. We are North Carolinians , we live here , grow here eat here, we raise our children here. As such we have seen the division racism has created and we have seen our statues crumble by hate filled bigots. We have seen the mass destruction of riots caused by radicals. This is NOT what we stand for , we stand for community and for heritage ,we live in Dixie.Changing the name will bring about a change that WILL snowball once it begins. Our street names, our parks  our neighborhoods will be targeted next. Imagine a world with  no more Battleground - park, road, monuments, cemetery, forrest. Let’s end this now! Sign here to keep the name our identity and heritage secure. Let’s send a message that we wont allow these people from outside of our community to label us and tell us who we are or what we have to abide by. Vow to keep your money , and not attend the fair if the name is changed. We have a voice , let’s use it !