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Stop Public Moving Services from defrauding consumers!

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Public Moving Services, a/k/a Your Moving Company, LLC, has been defrauding consumers for months. Many customers, such as myself, have been taken in by these thieves, by a promise to relocate our belongings efficiently and for a good price. The truth is, once they get your deposit, all communication from the 'home office' comes to a near halt and they practically disappear until the actual movers reach out to schedule pick up. Once they have your stuff, they will either hold it hostage until you pay hundreds or thousands more than what was agreed upon, or they will play cat and mouse, promising to deliver, then disappearing again for weeks at a time.

How it works - They estimate your moving costs by taking an inventory of your belongings, then calculating the cubic footage it will require on their trucks. The 'binding' estimate they give you the day before your move clearly states that even if the cubic footage required at pick up is more than the estimate, you will NOT pay anything more than what is quoted on that estimate. When they come to pick up your stuff, once the truck is fully loaded, you get a bill of lading that shows an amount that is higher than what your binding estimate shows (surprise!). They also charge for rolls of tape used, which is not disclosed during the estimate process (another surprise!).

Once they have your stuff, the fun really begins. The company will NOT call you to schedule delivery, even though that is what they promise they will do. Attempts to call them are frustrating at best, as you are placed on hold for no less than 50-60 minutes each call. On a rare occasion when I called to ask when I would get my things back, I got someone to answer a phone and was given a false number for someone named Emma who is supposed in charge of scheduling deliveries. In my case, they have had my things for over two weeks now, and I've been told by a driver that they would come this past weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday. It's now noon on Sunday and I've heard nothing from anyone. 

There are countless stories of other consumers like me who have actually had their belongings held hostage until they paid THOUSANDS of dollars more than the original estimate. And you must pay in CASH.

I have contacted the state attorneys general in North Carolina (where the company is located), in Illinois (where I moved to) and in Iowa (where I moved from). I have also filed complaints with the US Dept of Transportation and the Better Business Bureau. At this point, I have no idea if I'll ever see my things again. You cannot imagine the stress this causes. Imagine relocating to a new town, without a bed, without even anything to sit on.

This company MUST be stopped. North Carolina must shut these thieving criminals down, and force them to repay every penny they have defrauded from every last consumer who had the bad fortune to engage with them.

Thank you for your time in reading this. Please share among your network so that we can reach others who have been scammed by Public Moving Services.

 - Wendee

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