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A tax break for those who invest in solar energy

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The world is diving into an energy crisis. The US accounts for 4.4% of the world’s population, but accounts for 18% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. It is our dependence on fossil fuels which drives our carbon dioxide production.  It has been proven that carbon dioxide leads to global warming. In the next 100 years, the Earth's population is expected to double, and this increased demand for electricity will lead to catastrophic climate changes to our planet.

If we are willing to invest in the future of the Earth, which I hope we all are, then we can start small. Clean energy businesses, such as solar farms, can grow efficiently when provided with adequate funding.  These solar farms can augment our existing energy supply.  With reasonable investment,  we can expect a 10% increase in electricity coming from solar energy every year, meaning that we can achieve the noble objective of making North Carolina’s electricity 100% clean in under 10 years.  This kind of change requires investment.  Investment in the future of the planet, for generations to come.  This requires personal sacrifice, which should be readily supported by our government in the form of tax breaks for individuals or companies who choose to pursue solar panels and solar farms as an alternative to harmful fossil fuels.

With your signature, we can get North Carolina to bring back a tax break to individuals and companies who invest in solar technology to meet their energy needs.


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