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Parental Rights For Rapists As Law

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A young woman in North Carolina became pregnant as a result of rape and make the grueling decision to put the baby up for adoption while the father was in jail waiting to be trialed for rape. Before the complete the process could be finalised, she was shockingly required to gain his consent.

His response entrapped this young victim. He told her he would agree to the adoption if she didn’t testify against him. She was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This level of extortion is a result of the Parental Rights for Rapists law made last year which gives power to the rapist ensuring they have visitation rights to their child and even share custody. This law needs to be urgently addressed and awareness needs to be raised as many people are unaware of this new law. No one is trying to put a stop to it, in fact, it is becoming a more popular law amongst American states. My fear is that this law would spread dreadfully around every country around and even reach Australia as well as continuing to impact victims such as this North Carolina woman.

Women in seven states across the US are legally forced to share custody of their children with their rapist fathers. This is not only one issue; this has many different horrible subject matters added with it, first of all, this means sexual assault is not taken as serious as it should, a rapist should not have any rights as they should be placed in jail. With no rights given to them.

This case is affecting both the community, the girl and her child. As she did not feel ready to take care of a child, but the only way to let her children go up for adoption is if she helped her rapist out free in the community with a high chance of him going out and doing exactly what he did again.

Most people misunderstand rape. A vlogger Jane said, “People often seem surprised that I am willing to discuss my rape in a public forum.” She said she would never miss an opportunity to talk about her experience with anyone that is interested. She then disused how she should have a right to talk about rape because she should have no right to be ashamed. In our society 1 in 4 women experiences sexual assault. While this is happening the women feel like they don’t have the right to speak up about it and they feel like it is their fault. As well as the society not seeing this as an issue that they can open up and talk about it.

We need to change this law to give back power to the women that are affected by this issue. About 32% to 50% of impregnated rape victims keep their babies. We should allow women to keep their children without fear that they would need to be once again at the mercy of their rapist.




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