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Pass SB 553 in North Carolina and give women the right to revoke consent!

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There is an archaic law on North Carolina books that is dangerous and unfair to women. The law makes it legal for a man to continue to have sexual intercourse with a woman if she initially gave consent but later revoked it.  This is rape. This law is dangerous to women and perpetuates a culture of rape, which is a very real and dangerous reality for women all over the world. 

In North Carolina in 1979, State vs. Way ruled that if a woman initially gives consent for sex and later withdraws consent after the initial penetration, it is not considered rape if the man decides not to end intercourse. (

While there is currently a bill in the stages of being reviewed by the committee, it will likely be stagnant for another two years. That's two more years that women will continue to be raped. That is two more years that no doesn't mean no for women in North Carolina. Let's demand that lawmakers do something about this now. 

There are many recent cases that highlight the importance of pushing this bill through immediately. Just earlier this year, a 19-year-old woman found herself being forced to have sex with a man who refused to stop after she wanted to end intercourse once he became violent. To her dismay, she also found out that others had recorded the incident on a cell phone. And to add even more pain to her suffering, she learned that this old, misogynistic law kept her from being able to press rape charges. (

Sadly, her story is not uncommon. But while many women may be able to find justice with the law in other parts of the United States, North Carolina keeps this decades-old law on the books.

How many women and girls will suffer rape while the bill sits awaiting review? How many of our friends and family members will legally be raped before lawmakers take our lives and our rights as women seriously? Let's put pressure on the NC legislators to pass SB 553 now!


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