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Emily Brooks has been put up for adoption when her family has been fighting for her since her birth. Emilys biological aunt is a licensed Foster parent, with an approved ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) to have her placed in her home. Emilys father has 3 children who have been in his sole care this entire process. The foster parents maliciously went against every law regarding a child under reunification, they worked strategically with the DSS attorney and judge to legally kidnap a child who did not need foster care at all. As of 11/15/2018 A judge has terminated Emilys fathers rights and placed her up for adoption while also terminating all contact with her biological family. what was done is 100% illegal. Emily is Bi-racial but her mother gave her up at birth because she gave birth to a black child unknowingly, she believed she was pregnant with her current boyfriends child who is white. Emilys father and aunt have been fighting for placement since she was 2weeks old. She was place for adoption to a gay white male couple. the Couple has requested no further contact with her biological family.

A simple review of this case by any judge with basic knowledge of the law would reverse this decision. There is overwhelming evidence to support the story of Emilys family.

Personal story
I am Emilys Biological Aunt, ShaVonnda Young. I am a mother of 5 and a wife of 9 years. I am auntie to ten from ages 18 down to 1 year old. Creating a sound family structure has been my focus since becoming a mother in 2010. I have dedicated my life with my husband to be in the position we are currently in, which allows for us to be a safe a nurturing placement for Emily. I flew from California to North Carolina for two years trying to have placement of my niece and make sense of this case. My family is too a biracial house hold, so we felt like it would be perfect and very reflective of her home. My family has spent thousands of dollars at this point trying to get my niece into our family, only to have her illegally but legally stolen from her family. please understand that this adoption was done illegally and based off the ego of grown men. The best interest of my niece has never been considered. more information on the case can be seen on the instagram handle saving_emily_brooks.