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Stop NC Law that Legalizes Rape

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The women in the state of North Carolina are horrifyingly too familiar with the devastating reality in which they could be brutally raped, and have to watch the man who raped them walk out of the courtroom with a smile on his face. All because of an outdated, villainous loophole set into motion back in 1977, where a woman was threatened to be killed by a man if she did not have sex with him. That man walked away, and so did numerous other rapists since that day.

What this law states is that once a woman has given initial consent for intercourse, she cannot take it back. "North Carolina is the only state in the U.S. where no doesn't mean no," says North Carolina senator, Jeff Jackson. The democratic senator has tried to introduce a bill twice now to change the law, and both times the predominantly republican state has turned down the change. What that means for women in the state of North Carolina can be, without a need for explanation, a traumatizing living nightmare with nothing to bring any peace of mind to the matter. A nightmare that North Carolina resident Amy Guy understands all too well.

Back in December 2016, Amy Guy was at her apartment when her estranged husband, Jonathan, came over intoxicated and demanded Amy have sex with her. He was belligerent and becoming enraged. "Since he was getting angry, I thought that it would be better to go ahead and agree to the sex, because I figured that was the safer thing for me to do," says Amy. The sex then became violent. Amy told a local news station, "I began crying, and I asked him to please stop." Jonathan Guy did not stop. He kept raping Amy despite her cries for mercy.

As if this story couldn't get any more disturbing, perhaps the most soulless inhumane ending might tie it all together. Jonathan was initially charged with second degree rape, but because of the precedent set back in 1979, Jonathan's charges were lowered to assault on a female. Please think long and hard about the fact that this "assault on a female" took place during nonconsensual sex with the crying powerless Amy Guy. Jonathan, a cold-blooded rapist, was sentenced to a mere 10 months in jail for "assault on a female," instead of the potential and deserved 15 year sentence for second degree rape.

For the third, and hopefully, the final time Senator Jeff Jackson is sponsoring a bill which states any person, "who continues to engage in intercourse after consent is withdrawn" will be guilty of rape. This is still out there, and now more then ever we need this change, because now men know about this loophole. Could you imagine this Fall your 18 year old daughter goes off to college for the first time, and calls you in the middle of the night in pure horror explaining that she was raped by a man who she told to stop over and over again. The courts will tell you, it doesn't matter if she was screaming with tears running down her face while begging him to stop 100 times, simply because she told him yes once. In their eyes he is not a rapist, he is just a man who was given legal consent to rape.

Please share this petition with everyone you know, and help us get this bill passed. Post it on your Facebook, your Twitter, your Instagram, your email blasts, anywhere you can to get the word out. You can help us change this law, and give a voice to the voiceless.

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