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MY DAUGHTER Akyra ATTENDED MIDDLE FORK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN WALKERTOWN NC. (Wsfc school system) She is in the EC special needs Pre k class due to doose syndrome (severe seizures that are not controlled by medication. ) and developmental delays.On Wednesday January 24th my daughter came home with a gash on the top and bottom of her middle finger . I emailed her teacher to ask what happend and she stated she wasn't sure and she would have to ask her assistant because she wasn't there. she texted me to say her assistant Said she didn't know and that she probably hurt it on a broken basket in the class room.( why is there broken objects kept in the classroom?) So Thursday morning I went to the school. I sat down with the principal,the assistant principal, and the school nurse. I began to explain the fact that my daughter came home the day before injured and the teacher's Had no idea how it happend . so myself, the principal and vice principal went to my daughters class room to speak with her teachers who by then came up with ANOTHER STORY INVOLVING A PAPER TOWEL Dispenser. They tried to say my daughter stuck her hand in the paper towel dispenser after telling me they didn't know what happend . keep in mind no incident report came home Nor did the teacher or assistant know what happend the night prior. They didn't seem to care at all. Later that day I took my daughter to urgent care where I was informed that my daughter has INFECTON BY HUMAN BITE AND her OTHER FINGER IS BROKEN. Today( Friday Jan 26 2018) my daughter woke up with a fever of 101.1 And the shakes . I then brought her BACK to urgent care where they drew blood to make sure she didnt contract any thing from the bite ( which is something we will have to continue to do over the next 9 months) . we then went home and her temperature continued to rise to 103.8. I then called the ems and we went to the hospital where they got her fever down . due to this infection from this bite, my daughters seizures have increased significantly. The teachers at the school said they didn't know about it because "she didn't cry" but I know my daughter I know she did. It just baffles me that they could ignore a child's cry not pay attention to the kids in a classroom. There are 6-8 kids in my daughter's class and two teachers. There is no reason why they didn't see this happen. it bothers me beacause school is supposed to be a safe place where our children go to learn. But how is it safe when you have Teachers being neglectful and Not Watching our kids and not owning up to their mistake. I just feel like parents should know what is going on in the wsfc school district.I won't stop until someone acknowledges that these two teachers are negligent  daughter has now told me it was her teacher.  Here we are A month later and  this teacher is still in the classroom. The Winston Salem sheriff's office and cps are conducting an investigation. I would like to see classrooms have cameras,especially EC classes. This would be very helpful in many ways including INCIDENTS as this,Where it is a child's word against a teachers. I also feel it should be a law that if a teacher is under investigation for child abuse they should be suspended until the investigation is over. We send our children to school for an education. When we send our children we expect them to be safe. we can NOT let this keep happening. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!

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