Privatize Liquor Sales In North Carolina

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This petition is in support of House Bill 971 currently in committee at the North Carolina State Legislature. The bill sponsor is Chuck McGrady and the story was featured by WRAL. 

“House Bill 971 would overhaul the state's Alcoholic Beverage Control system, taxing and regulating the industry but doing away with government-run stores. Legislative staff analysis indicates the measure would easily triple the number of places liquor is sold in North Carolina.” 

“The privatization bill would do away with the state's "mixed beverage charge" of $20 per four liters that restaurants now pay, cutting their costs. It would also change the way liquor is taxed for the general public, moving from a 30 percent tax on a bottle's cost to a $28-per-gallon excise tax.”

The bill has received support from the state's restaurant, lodging and retail associations, which promised to fund a new "Free the Spirits" ad campaign pushing for reform.

This legislation would help bring additional revenue and opportunities into North Carolina and allow for greater options to consumers and would help reduce costs to businesses selling mixed drinks which would ultimately reduce the costs to consumers. The restructuring would help local and small businesses that purchase these products and resale them as cocktails.