Petition for Safety in our Schools

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In our nation, gun violence is becoming normalized. As students, we are taking a stand against loose gun regulations from our government. We want to feel safe in our schools and should not have to fear for our lives when we step on to campus. By signing this petition, your voice is being heard for funding for mental health training, comprehensive background checks, and tighter restrictions on buying and selling guns. Here's what we want:

  1. Funding for school psychologists and mental health training for teachers.
  2. Comprehensive federal background checks for all gun sales including but not limited to online purchases, gun show purchases, and in store purchases.
  3. Cracking down on straw purchasing: stricter laws prohibiting the transfer of guns between lawful gun owners and criminals.
  4. A ban on bump fire stocks, gunstocks that are specially designed to make a semi-automatic firearm fire shots in rapid succession.
  5. Support H.R. 3207: Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act to make sure that weapons stay out of domestic abusers’ hands.
  6. Educate parents about safe storage and responsible gun ownership in order to put an end to preventable deaths by guns.
  7. Raise the minimum age of assault weapon and handgun purchases to 21.

These steps are a necessary start to securing a safer future for our generation and generations to come. We thank you for your support as we continue to fight for our lives.

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