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I am a patient recently diagnosed with glaucoma. I am far sighted so I was regular seeing a optometrist on yearly basis to get glasses and eye exam. Since last October I was having symptoms of right eye on and off blurry vision and redness. I went to my optometrist several times over 3 wks and was told to have pink eye and put on drops. It was just not getting any better. I am a pharmacist and felt it was not right. I finally made an appointment to see a ophthalmologist. It turned out I had a narrow angle glaucoma! I needed a laser treatment! By the time I went to ophthalmologist I already lost some of my vision and now I have a fixed enlarged pupil! I have to wear sunglasses all the time and have hard time to drive at night! I was told I could be totally blind if it was diagnosed any later!
If Optometrist can not even diagnose the disease How could we trust them to do the laser!!!
I want to ask all the NC law maker any of you want your eye laser or surgery done by optometrist!

Charles Sharpe, Durham, NC, United States
3 years ago
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