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Medical Cannabis legalized in North Carolina

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The United States of America now has 28 Legal Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) States and its also legal in the District of Colombia. That means that over half the country now has medical access to Cannabis and Cannabis products.

North Carolina has already passed a medical CBD law that allows for the use of Cannabis extracts high in CBD and low in THC to treat severe epileptic conditions and has authorized hemp research.

This is not enough. It is time North Carolina comes out of the days of prohibition and joins the other 28 progressive states in legalizing Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) and all its extracts for all patients who is deemed eligible by there personal Physicians. Cannabis Oil is known to cure many life-threatening conditions such as Cancer and COPD. It is known to successfully treat many more such as Seizures, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, PTSD, Bipolar, Lyme disease, MS, burn victims and the list can go on and on. We now have the education and knowledge to know that Cannabis is perhaps the safest substance known to mankind and there has never been an overdose. We know patients can grow and produce there own high quality medicine right in there own homes. We are educated enough to know Cannabis should be a human right and also one of the first choices in care for people like me who are being lied too and told there is no cure, no hope. (I am officially Stage 3 COPD with 33% lung function). It should be the first option available to anyone given a diagnosis of terminal inoperable cancer before chemotherapy or radiation is considered.

A patent is even held by the federal government.

As a lifelong citizen of this state, I would hope with all of the wonderful medical universities such as Duke, and progressive cities such as Charlotte and Asheville or perhaps the research Triad Area, our new administration will lead North Carolina back to the top of Medical Research and Human Rights following in the footsteps of Florida here in the South. I am calling on the new Governor Elect Roy Cooper and all members of the NC House and Senate to take swift action to end the pain and suffering of millions of North Carolinians.

My name is Jenice Mckin Gutierrez. I am #illegallyhealed in North Carolina. I have used Cannabis Oil to successfully treat COPD Stage 3, Rheumatoid Arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, osteo arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, Bipolar, Complicated PTSD and obesity.

You can find my story and more about me and the healing powers of Cannabis on my Facebook page-Jenice McKin

Please join me in the fight to free My Magic Plant - Cannabis-in North Carolina.

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