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Life without parole is unfair for first time offenders. Some times Justice is not JUST

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On April 21 2017 Alquan Hill was sentenced to life in prison with No Parole.  More importantly his trial was unfair and the jurors had their mind made up before they even went to deliberate. In less then 15 minutes they decided on life without parole. In 15 minutes they gave a mans life away. In 15 minutes they took a father from his 3 kids and his loved ones. I understand a young Mother loss her life but Alquan is not her killer and his life was also taken. Alquan was one of the 6 men in custody for murder.  Alquan has no record and DID NOT shoot or kill the victim. Once in the courtroom the district attorney slammed bullets around the jury and gave the impression that Alquan shot 6 guns and drove 2 cars with his car being a stick shift. His remark being "He who hunts with the wolves is responsible for the kill". With that being said the district attorney ONLY charged Alquan Hill with first degree murder. The actual shooter only was charged with second degree murder. Should Alquan be punished ?. The answer is yes. Life without Parole is NOT the answer . Justice first begins with JUST.  Please support this petition first time offenders do not deserve LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. Especially when they aren't the killer. 


If we cut back on the sentencing on LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE we as a country will also save a lot of money that's spent each year on housing inmates. This petition isn't to take away justice from the victim but to ensure the defendant also gets a FAIR trial and fair sentencing based off the background of the defendant. Please understand this isnt to make light of the loss of the victim nor act like her life doesn't matter she was valued we just want fair sentencing. Sometimes the convicted need support as well. 

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