Keep Reflexology Free from Overregulation

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As a Board Certified practitioner of reflexology as well as a small business owner, I have for years operated my practice committed to high ethical and professional standards and to the health, healing and wellbeing of my clients.

Unfortunately, my trade is under attack. Though reflexologists have practiced without incident for decades in North Carolina, the state’s massage therapist board is trying to overtake the autonomy and independence of reflexologists.

Their efforts are nothing more than a power grab; a power grab that’s both detrimental and deceptive. Lobbyists from the massage therapists say that by regulating us, they, and they alone, will be able to better combat human trafficking. If the consequences of this weren’t so grave, this would almost be comical.

But the consequences are that grave. Forcing us into overregulation will dilute the integrity of our industry. This overregulation forces reflexologists to pay needless fees and costs to the massage therapists, while offering nothing of value in return.

Ask a law enforcement officer if this help battle anti-human trafficking efforts, and they’ll look at you like you’re crazy. 

Let reflexologists own our businesses and practice our trade without interruption or political power plays.

We, the undersigned, concerned citizens, urge our legislators to act now to keep reflexology free from overregulation by the N.C. Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy. Reflexologists self-govern under an independent national accreditation board with requirements significantly different from massage therapists. To maintain the integrity of their profession, reflexologists must continue to work free of undue regulation.