Help holding medical personnel responsible for mistakes while being affordable

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To those who have made a complaint about a hospital, doctor or nurse have a curiosity as to how the complaints are addressed behind the scenes. In what manner are they addressed or are they just read and thrown away if they get read at all? Who is the person reading the complaints the doctors or representatives who will be affected by bad feedback? The North Carolina Medical Board reviews the complaints and this is for the best interest of the doctors and not the person filing the complaint. They withhold how many times a place or doctor has had a written complaint against them because that’s their policy, yet let a driver commit an offensive three times they are habitual offender while a hospital profiles a patient and then does nothing for a sick person.
The medical board investigates to see if a law was violated and if they do not feel there was nothing gets done about the complaint (Raleigh, NC). By having people that have been affected by doctors ignoring symptoms misdiagnosing even the simplest things can lead to bigger things more money and stress on that person. Why do we have doctors overseeing complaints against another doctor as if there will not be any bias to protect the medical field, where is the protection for a person’s complaint? Bedside manner affect the way people perceive doctor and that causes a lack of trust I that doctor who has no time for a patient they assume is doing wrong is not ok in any form this should be an ethical issue for the board to review how a doctor is to teach a patient and not profile a patient on their past or assumptions made of their own accord. The doctor should not be allowed to profile anyone regardless of their appearance, drug habit, CPS case status, or personal feelings.
The need for Lawyers to take on these medical malpractice suits pro bono or contingency bases is certainly one way to help the common people who cannot afford to take on these big medical boards who are protecting the medical field as well as being protected by big lawyers. Hospitals, doctors, nurses should take responsibility for their actions whether it is a medical mistake that cost millions or a simple misdiagnosis. By holding them accountable for all the things and not just major things may help the system out by slowing down their bedside manner and find the alignment in the patient and not the appearance.