Help free a man who is a victim of wrongful conviction & Miscarriage of Justice

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Mike is a father to two sons, a hard worker, intelligent, a business owner, an Engineer, a hunter, a biker, a workout enthusiast, a Marine, a friend to many and a son, to name a few. His life changed on December 22, 2017 when he had to make a choice between living or dying. He chose to live and because of that justified and lawful choice, he now has his freedoms stripped away from him for 20-25 years. Because of a choice that any man would make in the same position, our sons have lost their father and his father has lost his son. Because he was forced to act on his rights within the Second Amendment, he is another victim of the corruption that is our government and those who have sworn to uphold the law in the courtroom. He was discriminated against, evidence was tampered with, violation of the Fair Sentencing Act, four mistrial denials when legal defects occurred during the proceedings that resulted in irreparable prejudice, contradictory witness statements and perjury, violation of the Second, Fifth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments, withholding exculpatory evidence, false declarations before the jury and court, and unethical practices. How is it that two men that were elected to withhold a position of justice, fairness and ethical standards can get away with so many violations that are in place to protect us citizens? How can they sleep at night knowing they wrongfully convicted someone who served and protected them in time of war as a Marine? They took a father away from his children, one who is autistic and needs his dad terribly, and took a Father's only child and now they all suffer on a daily basis. Unjustifiable, unlawful and undeniably corrupt.