Excellent Public School Act 2019 State Bill 438

Excellent Public School Act 2019 State Bill 438

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Claire Green started this petition to North Carolina State House

State Bill 438 “Excellent Public School Act 2019” needs to be stronger, so that every child is included in its intention of improving literacy for all children in public schools. Please sign our petition if you agree with the letter below to improve SB 438. Thank you!

Dear Representative and Senators,

We know you and all our North Carolina representatives are passionate about the importance of providing every child in North Carolina a good education. This endeavor is not a political issue, but one of great importance, not only for the academic career of each child but also their future livelihood.

Right now, SB438: ‘Excellent Public School Act 2019’ does NOT address this for ALL children in North Carolina.  We therefore kindly request your attention to the below 5 items we would like you to consider to be included in SB438 to ensure the intent of this bill is addressing an excellent public education for every child per the bill’s title:

1. Literacy for ALL- Kindergartners through Grade 12.

2. All inclusive teacher training for new and veteran classroom teachers, also for reading and summer camp teachers- not only for awareness but also how to teach students in K-12.  Such training must be in explicit structured literacy, and include instructions in phonetic awareness, fluency and comprehension.

3. Dyslexia interventionist/specialists/therapist in every school- please see page 29 from this Arkansas guide


4. Stronger compliance policies that ensure more than just retraining teachers with REAL accountability that will significantly reduce the poor literacy rates across the state over the next 2 years, and prevent many of these children from dropping out of school or entering into the ‘school to prison pipeline’.

HB149 has now been in place since 2017, and the schools have until July 2020 to prepare all relevant resources and tools.  Thus, in theory we should expect to see literacy rates increasing by the end of academic year 2021, so long as it's backed up by a bill of integrity.

5. Independent testing for DIBELS- currently the fidelity of the testings are poor and the schools are NOT adhering to the authors’ intention.

Further, why is NC State Wolfpack pilot program specifically mentioned in SB 438 when there is no proven data?  There are already existing Orton-Gillingham programs already used globally as noted by International Dyslexia Association as referenced by the NCDPI. This is a proven program with laudable data.

Please see the following laws from

Arkansas- SB153- Act 83 of 2019, SB708 - Act 1039, SB502 - Act 1063, SB494 -Act 940, SB328 -Act 416,  Act 1268 (of 2015), Act 1294 (of 2013) and Oregon SB1003 https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2017R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/SB1003/Introduced?fbclid=IwAR37PdBZJGwi-7cues9gCIOqyVS6nIrDtXQEN9uRMS81BKOQjib7MQY2tsw

and the link to the Arkansas Dyslexia guide above that address items 2-4.

We thank-you for your help and support in this very important bill.


Trang Huynh-Watts and Michael Watts   


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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!