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Don't Push More People into Poverty

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This law could make me hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I hope it never passes.

My name is Danielle Brudi; I am a bankruptcy attorney in North Carolina. My clients are the unfortunate people who find themselves in dire financial situations. Senator Andrew Brock is sponsoring a bill that would make clients like mine suffer even more. Senate Bill 632 would take up to 25% of a person's income and use those funds to pay whichever creditor first filed suit. It would push more people into poverty faster, with fewer bankruptcy protections. As a bankruptcy attorney, a large part of my business is built on helping people with the difficult bankruptcy process, this law would put a lot of dollars in my own pocket. But I care more about the welfare of my fellow North Carolinians than I do my own pocketbook.  

Tell Senator Andrew Brock and the rest of the North Carolina StateHouse that SB 632 is a cruel law that goes too far. Tell them to vote NO on SB 632.

Currently, the state makes it impossible for creditors to touch the last two months of wages a person has earned. This is a small, but crucial buffer from the blow of almost complete insolvency and gives them a little money to start over. SB 632 would eliminate even that protection, forcing people who filed bankruptcy to give up every last penny until they get their next paycheck.

Passage of this bill would turn a blind eye to those who are struggling to make ends meet -- if the person filing for bankruptcy has almost any wealth in any form at all, the state will seize it, sell it, and use the money to pay the creditor. SB 632 provides creditors the tools they need to reach into a person's paycheck and get the "first cut" without regard for a person's medical expenses, other debts or financial situation.

When someone is living paycheck to paycheck and working hard, it's wrong to take even $1.00 that they cannot afford to spare.

Bills like this are dangerous and its passage here in North Carolina could encourage other states to do the same. Help protect what little some of the most vulnerable Americans have left. Tell North Carolina to vote down SB 632! 

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