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North Carolina State Government: Make attacking people for their sexuality a hate crime in NC statutes

After reading a recent news story about a couple that was physically attacked and injured (and verbally assaulted) in Asheville, NC, for being gay, I was outraged to then read that it is NOT in the NC statutes that physically attacking someone for their sexuality is a hate crime. How can this be? How can beating up someone for their sexuality NOT be a hate crime in my home state? I was mortified and embarrassed to learn of this. Although I love NC because this is where I have grown up and lived all of my life, I am deeply saddened that NC's statutes do not protect gay people when it comes to hate crimes. Please sign this important petition, which I plan to present to local congressmen and congresswomen and state senators. We must get NC to recognize that hate crimes DO apply to attacking someone for their sexuality. Thank you.

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    Austin Allran
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    Andy Wells
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    Pat McCrory

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