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Keep Dynamic Community Charter School for special needs children open

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My son Daniel is a student at Dynamic Community Charter School in Raleigh, NC. DCCS is a project based school for Special Needs children. Prior to attending DCCS Daniel was in the public school system. He had a difficult time there despite his teachers caring about him and doing the best they could for him. Daniel used to argue almost every morning about going to school. He would become violent and would try and say he was sick almost every morning. He was overwhelmed with trying to learn in a regular ed classroom. Daniel has several disorders that are both medical and behavioral in nature. He was below grade level in almost every subject. He was a disruption in the classroom. Being surrounded by 23 kids and feeling the pressure to learn the same way everyone else learned was/is impossible for my son. He can't help that. His brain works differently then the rest of ours do.

I honestly didn't know what I was going to do when he went to middle school. Then I heard about a new charter school opening up for special needs kids. I went to an informational meeting and began to hope and pray that he would be picked in the lottery. I was fortunate that he was picked.

Daniel now loves going to school. He never fights me about it. He's always happy to go. He is learning so much. He was actually advanced to the next level once he got there because the school felt that by being in a quieter environment with less kids in a class that he was truly able to learn. He now comes home and tells me about everything he did that day and he's eager to share his knowledge.

However, the State Board of Education decided two weeks ago to shut the school down. They cited budget concerns, teachers not being EC (Exceptional Children) certified and doing what's best for the kids. The State didn't admit that the funding issues were created when an employee gave our Board Members and Administration the wrong information on how to get our 22 previously homeschooled students funded. We have been operating without that money all year. The Parents, Teachers, and Board Members have raised well over $100,000 to keep the school going. We have zero debt and are solvent which takes the funding issue off the table.

All of our teachers are on track to become EC certified which also takes that concern off the table. Plus, the public school system has teachers that are NOT EC certified teaching classes. I feel that they are signaling this school out because it's a special needs school. I think they don't like that we are telling them that mainstreaming doesn't always work and that an alternative is needed.

They say that they are looking out for our kids. I find that interesting because they haven't talked to the kids or their parents. I am better suited to make the determination of what is best for my son. Not the State. Please tell them that you agree that our children deserve an “education that values and supports them” even if they don't think so.

If you want further information check out the numerous stories the press has done on our school and our fight to keep it open. See for yourself what the kids have to say about DCCS and what it means to them. #wearedynamic

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