Remove the Racist Onslow County Sheriff, Hans Miller, From Office!!!

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Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller is a racist, good ole boy law enforcement officer who needs to be removed from his office immediately! The citizens of Onslow County are past tired of the rascism, backroom deals, and dishonesty of the man whom they elected to serve and protect them, regardless of the color of their skin.

Citizens started speaking out against the dis"honorable" sheriff months ago but the momentum was slow until he showed his true colors via a Facebook post on March 10, 2018. Miller has a personal vendetta against local blogger and owner of News in Onslow, Gerald Jackson, because he does not pull any punches when reporting on the sheriff's dishonest, racist and, sometimes, illegal policing. The sheriff decided that using a public social media platform to call Mr. Jackson a "nigga" would be a good idea but quickly changed his mind and deleted the disgusting post, but he was not quick enough because, thankfully, an anonymous citizen was able to get a screenshot of it!

There is no room in the Onslow County community for a racist period, let alone a racist who holds an elected, public office. We are going to post the links to many of the stories, which photgraphic evidence, of his racist and unscrupulous behavior so that people can decide for themselves whether they want to support this petition or support Sheriff Miller.

Please sign the petition and share it if you agree that racism WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in our public officials!!

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