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Help Pass ACT 43 Senate Bill 648 Medical Marijuana in North Carolina

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I am a long-term patient since I was a child, who is being treated for tourette syndrome. It has been a very long, rocky road. Many folks are uneducated about my disorder ... I spent many years suffering with tourette's as a development disorder, and the medication I found at 13 years old, the best medication I have ever been on, Rispiridal. However, I was medicated w/ this and gained 100lb in one year at 13 years old. At 26 I found the 're-formulated' Rispiridal, called Inviega. However, the medication is $1500+ For 1 30-ct bottle of 9 mg. I received samples right now from my neurologist, however I still struggle with the appetite increase, and there are so many side effects of my medication, drowsiness, so I can not drive. I still jerk, twitch and my friends and family have noticed this, as an adult under adult stress..I can not work. I receive social security benefits however, I struggle to make ends meet and to put food on the table for myself and my elderly Mother with whom I take care of. I am writing to you, in hopes that you will let me tell you my story, and my mother could tell many stories...of discrimination, judgement, how difficult it is to raise a child with tourette syndrome. As a four year old, I would try to read books and my arms and legs would flail constantly. I snort, clear my throat repeatedly, touch my face, blurt out things without thinking, I have mood swings, and I also jerk and twitch when under stress. The jerking has caused some problems. I jerked and hit an elderly lady at my church in the ribs. I did not mean to. My hands jerk and whatever I am holding will be thrown. I have ruined some electronics while holding a cup of water. I have done lots of research on medical marijuana, and I know it would replace my alprazolam that my psychiatrist prescribes me. I don't like a lot of the medication I am on, for example, my anxiety medicine makes me sleep. It does not help me cope. My tourette medicine has caused a parkinson's-like shaking, so have to take a medicine to counter act the parkinson's effects .. "Article 43" North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act." would help me as a long term sufferer of Tourette Syndrome, a neurological and developmental disorder, cope with my anxiety, ocd, twitches, jerks, and spasms, and help my mood swings and mental development. I would like to encourage everyone to help pass this to help me, and others suffering, in the state of North Carolina. Please sign this petition to help pass legal Marijuana in the state of NC for medical use. Please consider those suffering. The US Government has a patent on CBD & THC whilst other pharmaceutical companies own patents as well, and make "synthetic marijuana" medication. I also know the Oil Industry and the Timber industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry are against this kind of freedom, it does not benefit the big companies, it threatens their millions of dollars. Marijuana has been used for ailments since the herb has existed. It was grown in crops in biblical times. It can be used for fuel or a replacement for oil...and it alo can be used for paper. Please look into this. My mother also heavily suffers from fibromyalgia, and she has said she would consider medical marijuana as a medication, if it were legal. She is 72, and grew up hearing "Marijuana is the devil.." It's time for a change. It's time NC helps it's citizens. Please consider all this and feel free to contact me. Thank you so much for considering this request.


Kate Kovach
Newport, NC
OCD, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, Clinical Depression, co-morbid. Hoping for a brighter tomorrow, always. Life is hard, but it is what you make of it...please sign this petition. You can read abnout act 43 here:

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