Oppose Cliffdale Rd Widening Project 39048.1.1/TIP U-4404 - Unnecessary Spending

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The safety of our neighborhood is at stake.
This proposed project will take at least an additional 80 feet of property from homeowners to widen our 0.9 mile stretch of Cliffdale Road to 4 or 5 lanes with a 17 foot median, sidewalks, and possibly even bike paths. If this proposed project goes through, the highway will be at our front doors! The proposed construction will last 2 years with heavy equipment, large spot lights to work day and night, and lots of noise. This type of construction can be seen at I-95 southbound exit 58. Another concern which has not been brought up yet is possible damage to our homes with this heavy equipment and construction so very close to all our homes. This type of heavy equipment will rumble and shake the ground violently and possibly even damage our homes, historic church, and school. Such a lawsuit was brought up and won recently by homeowners in Dallas, Texas. Let us unite and stand strong against this obvious overreach of government and abuse of eminent domain.
Some of the many reasons why Cliffdale Road should not be widened include the following:
• Residential neighborhood area within a school zone – Constructing a 4 to 5 lane divided super highway is inappropriate for a residential area in a school zone. We are not in a commercial district.
• Safety – Constructing a 4 to 5 lane divided super highway will only decrease the safety for our children as well as the residents living in our community.
• Increase traffic – Constructing a 4 to 5 lane divided super highway will only increase traffic and congestion in our neighborhood.
• Inflated traffic numbers – The Mirror Lake Bridge has been closed for close to two years; therefore, traffic has been diverted to Cliffdale Road. Why isn’t the Mirror Lake Bridge being repaired? Could it be that the traffic from Van Story going toward Raeford Road now is being diverted to Cliffdale only to have to circle back around to get to Raeford Road which is obviously artificially inflating Cliffdale Road traffic numbers? Could the city purposely not be fixing the Mirror Lake Bridge in order to increase the numbers on our 0.9 mile stretch of Cliffdale Road?
• Huge waste of taxpayer money - Surely over $16,000,000.00 of taxpayer money can be better spent elsewhere.
• Flooding – Adding all this extra pavement and asphalt will only enhance the flooding concerns due to the increased water runoff, especially near the creek where a flooding problem exists.
• History – A proposed project of this magnitude will definitely have a negative impact on the history of our community. We live on the Dogwood Trail, the pride of Fayetteville, where a historic church and cemetery were built in 1868. Furthermore, the crown jewel of our neighborhood is a historic home built in 1913.
• Economic Aspects – Widening this section will only encourage drivers to use our neighborhood as the cut through instead of staying on the main commercial streets. In turn, this will actually hurt the City as well as local merchants since drivers will not stop to purchase items on their way home. We do not have any commercialized businesses on our section of Cliffdale Road as it is a residential area. The city will lose sales tax revenues, and local shops will suffer as a result of less business.
• Devaluation of Property – A proposed project of this magnitude will drastically devalue all the properties in the proposed project area which will result in less property tax revenue collected by the City and the County.
• Damage to homes – Heavy equipment operating day and night for 2 years just feet from our homes will cause the ground to shake violently possibly resulting in damage to our homes, historic church and school.
• Overreach - This proposed project is an abuse of eminent domain and an overreach of the government. This unnecessary taking of a homeowner’s land without his or her consent is unconstitutional.
We can make a difference and stop this unnecessary and wasteful project. It is not too late. Be sure to attend the meeting on May 14th, which will take place at 433 Hay Street at 7:00 PM.