Stop Wasting Tax Dollars : Release Gerio Carson .

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Hi, my name is Clarissa Carson my husband Gerio Carson OPUS #0067783 who participated in crime at the immature age of 19. He was appointed a public defender and plead not guilty and decided to take it to trial. He didn't have a jury of his peers and was found guilty even though the North Carolina State Coroner testified that the bullet from his gun could not have been the cause of death of the victim . There were three other suspects which took plea bargains and have since  been released . Gerio has been incarcerated for 25 years and is  in those 25 years he has become a mature, intelligent, compassionate and spiritual man. He has taken advantage of several educational and rehabilitative programs such as Anger Management, Character Education, Parenting, General Education Development, Human Resource Development, Computer Application, DART, Information System, Textiles & Upholstery, Napoleon Hill Project, Culinary Arts, CRC, Masonry and Horticultural.  He came up for parole in 2014 and was denied based on three reasons: 1.Your release at this time would unduly depreciate the seriousness of the crime or promote disrespect for the law. 2. Your continued correctional programming in the institution will substantially enhance your capacity to lead a law abiding life if released at a later date. 3.There is a substantial risk that you would engage in further criminal conduct. Please take into consideration that he is extremely remorseful, rehabilitated  and of all the accomplishments he has made in the 25 years of his incarceration. Lets stop using our tax dollars for someone who has been rehabilitated. Sincerely , Clarissa Carson