Place Recycling Bins For Styrofoam Cups in Restaurants

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   Every time I eat at a restaurant and go to throw the styrofoam cup away, I wonder why restaurants don't recycle them. Americans discard 25 million styrofoam cups each year according to and that's a lot of landfill space being wasted.

    You may wonder why I am interested in this cause, especially since I am only 11. Well, I have always loved animals and protecting the earth and by recycling styrofoam cups, this would help benefit all living things. I spend my free time picking up trash, learning about and watching Winter the tailless dolphin, reading books, and signing petitions involving animals and the environment on

Can you help me make this petition a success? By recycling styrofoam cups, the amount of trash in landfills in the U.S. would decrease. Restaurants should put a styrofoam cup recycling bin next to the trash can so customers have the option, and hopefully choose to recycle their styrofoam cups. If restaurants don't want to participate in providing a recycling bin for styrofoam cups, they could alternatively switch to using a more sustainable type of cup.

Can you help our planet?

Thank you!