Save 2 Homeless Children in North Carolina

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Two homeless children in North Carolina are being kept from their father who wants to provide a home for them.  The mother has filed and received a protective order that keeps the father from contacting the mother to offer help or try to save the marriage.  The protective order does not accuse the father of any violence against the mother or the children.  The father denies any violence against the mother or the children.  This protective order was granted in a hearing where the father was not invited or allowed to present evidence in his defense.  The father was stripped of his parental rights without any opportunity to plead not-guilty.  This father stripped of his parental rights for nothing more than an accusation of verbal abuse.  Because the protective order was granted this father can not legally contact his wife or care for his children.  The father can't even reveal his identity because this request could be considered a violation of the protective order.    
This father loves his wife and the two children they have together and he legally can't tell them that because of this protective order.  The father wants to offer the mother a place to live separate from him while they engage in discussions to improve their relationship and restore the family.  The father does not want his children living in a shelter or multiple shelters because it is reported that the mother was asked to leave the first shelter she was in. 
It is in the best interest of the children for Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina to remove the protective order so this father can tell his wife he loves her.  It is in the best interest of children for the father to be able to ask for forgiveness.  It is in the best interest of the children to restore this father's parental rights.  
Please sign this petition and ask Governor Roy Cooper to intervene, rescind this protective order and give these children back their father!!
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