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Petitioning Governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory and 3 others

North Carolina General Assembly: Pay Attention to the Moral Monday protestors!

The General Assembly has labeled the Moral Monday protestors as "outside agitators," and dismisses their efforts to prevent draconian changes in policy that strip the unemployed, young children, and low- and middle-income families of government protections against exploitation. House Minority leader Larry D. Hall claims that the members of the General Assembly are merely carrying out the will of the people who elected them. This petition will prove, when enough North Carolinians from all over the state the state sign it, that the Moral Monday protestors do indeed represent the will of the people of North Carolina, and that the current course of action being taken by the General Assembly is detrimental to the state, as it goes against the will and the well-being of every North Carolinian that is not in the upper income brackets.

Letter to
Governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory
North Carolina State House
North Carolina State Senate
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North Carolina Governor
Pay Attention to the Moral Monday protestors!

I am outraged that you would dismiss the protests at the State Capitol as the work of "outside agitators" and continue to follow your one-track, tone-deaf and short-sighted plans to balance the budget on the backs of the low- and middle-income people in this state.

If you have seen the same people week after week; if you have seen people from "just" around Wake County and surrounding areas; if you have seen people who are older (or younger) and who seem to be "outsiders" to the usual crowd you may see in the Capitol - let me remind you of this: Not every North Carolinian has the ability - physical, financial, mobile - to come to the Capitol and join the protestors. Just as you believe yourselves to be representatives of your constituents, these protestors represent me and people who think like I do, and by my signature below I affirm that YES, I AGREE with the Moral Monday protestors.

As listed below, I am in agreement that North Carolina needs:

• Adequate access to health care;
• Comprehensive unemployment benefits;
• Tax protection so that we are not, through sales and service taxes, paying regressive taxes simply so that the wealthiest people and corporations can get tax breaks;
• Protection of Voting Rights and protection from the gerrymandering of districts to favor one party over another;
• Protection of and upholding the Racial Justice Act;
• Support for Public Education and Teachers;
• Protection of Early Childhood Education funding and programs.

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