How Many Wrecks Does It Take To Get A Caution Light?

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Update 4/23: Here is a link to the Gofundme page created by the daughter of the couple riding the motorcycle involved in the wreck on 4/14, if you have the means, please donate to help this family with the medical/living costs associated with the wreck

As some of you may or may not know, there was another reported potential fatal wreck at the intersection of Cat Square, Dan Rhyne & Zur Leonard Road(s) in Vale, NC 28168 this past Saturday 4/14/18 where two motorcycle riders were T-Boned by a car that ran the stop sign in the intersection.

To the community, this intersection has a reputation for having multiple wrecks per year from motorists running the stop signs and hitting oncoming traffic. The state installed "rumble strips" years ago to alert motorists of the upcoming intersection; however, they have proven time and time again to not be enough.

Click the link to view the news media's coverage of the intersection from a fatal wreck in 2015

In the evenings, when the sun sets, it is virtually impossible to see the intersection when travelling Zur Leonard Rd because of the sun. If I did not know there was a stop approaching, I too would run the signs.

I am working on compiling a list of accident reports but I believe Saturday's wreck may be the 2nd fatality at this intersection in 3 years along with numerous other accidents & fatalitie(s) over the years.

This intersection is long overdue for a change

I propose 3 simple solutions, nothing is perfect; however, any of these solutions are more than we have now: 
1.) Install a flashing caution/stop light above the intersection                                    2.) Install flashing lights above the stop & intersection signs 
3.) Install flashing "Vehicle entering intersection" signs along Cat Square road.

For most of you, this intersection will probably never affect your family and I hope it never will; however, what if it did? Then it is too late

The DOT is supposed to be performing an investigation in to the intersection. Which could take months. Since the DOT is only concerned with the number of fatalities rather than wrecks, I believe they will recommend that no improvement measures are necessary. 

Please sign the petition so I can build a case against them that improvements are in fact necessary to alert unsuspecting motorists of the approaching stop/intersection. Nothing is perfect; however, improvements are long overdue.

I'll end with this question, How many wrecks does it take to get a Light?



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