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Melissa Platt no longer has a voice because her life was ended due to a horrific act of domestic violence. We must be her voice to get justice and prevent the man that did this from harming someone else as he still walks free today, and has never been charged with anything. Please read and sign the petition letter if you believe in justice for domestic violence and murder victims.

Letter to
North Carolina Department of Justice: Attorney General Roy Cooper
I just signed the following petition addressed to: North Carolina State Attorney General Roy Cooper.


Dear Roy Cooper,

On October 8, 2008, Marian Mims was unable to reach her daughter, Melissa Platt, in North Carolina where she lived with her boyfriend. Marian called police in Lenoir County and requested a welfare check. The police went to Melissa's location in Pink Hill and discovered her on a bed, wrapped in a blanket, wearing nothing but a t-shirt, with multiple injuires. Melissa was taken by life flight to Pitt County Memorial Hospital's trauma center in Greenville, NC.

Melissa had bruises all over, a black eye, jaw broken on both sides, and what appeared to be a strangulation mark on her neck. She had a brain bleed and a blood clot on the right side of her brain. Doctors performed a craniotomy and a tube was inserted in her head to relieve pressure on her brain. During the craniotomy, old head injuries were discovered.

Melissa laid in the bed she was found in for six days. Her boyfriend told police she fell in the bathroom and he did not seek medical attention for her, and during this time he was going to and from work. Doctors told Melissa's family it was impossible to receive the injuries she had from the fall her boyfriend described.

Melissa developed a staph infection, then staphylococcal meningitis. There was so much fluid on her brain, a second tube had to be inserted in her head. Melissa began posturing (involuntary flexion or extension of the arms and legs, indicating severe brain injury) and she had seizures every couple of minutes from necrosis (death of living cells or tissues) in the brain. She then contracted a Klebsiella infection and on December 17, 2008 at 6:58pm, Melissa died with her family by her side.

While Melissa was in the hospital, she would drift in and out of consciousness. During a rare moment when she spoke, she told her mother Marian, and sister Maria he dragged me out of the house by my neck, threw me on the ground and hit me over the head with something. Since the detectives weren't present, they said this was hearsay. Before Melissa's death, her sister Michelle asked one of the detectives working the case, Detective Braden, if Melissa's boyfriend would be charged with criminal negligence for not seeking medical attention or assault. He responded with no because he was taking care of her those six days. When asked how he could possibly take care of her, Detective Braden said he was feeding her. Michelle asked how could he feed her when she has a broken jaw, he simply said it's possible to eat with a broken jaw. Regarding the assault charge, he said no because Melissa fell in the bathroom.

A polygraph test was administered to Melissa's boyfriend, and after many phone calls from Marian to find out the results, she was finally told some deception was detected, but no further information was provided.

In January 2009, Melissa's mother, Marian, sent a letter to District Attorney Charles B. (Branny) Vickory and a investigation was initiated. Marian was told she would be informed when the investigation concluded and a decision was made, but they never contacted her. Marian had to call numerous times before she was finally able to speak to someone in District Attorney Vickory's office. The person curtly told Marian Melissa's boyfrind wouldn't be charged. Marian insisted upon speaking to Vickory and only when she stated she would contact the State Attorney General's office did Vickory call her back. He told her even though he believed her boyfriend did this to her, he didn't feel he had enough evidence to take it to trial. Marian asked Branny Vickory if Melissa's boyfriend would be charged with criminal negligence for leaving Melissa for six days and not seeking medical attention, and he said that's only a misdemeanor and if he was charged with that he would probably only get probation. He said if he did this and any evidence of murder came out he wouldn't be able to charge him with anything else.

Marian attempted another route to get justice for Melissa by requesting her records from Lenoir County Sheriff's Office Captiain Jim Oldenburg. Her first request was made on October 21, 2011. Captain Oldenburg has made several promises to get the records to Marian, but has yet to follow through. Marian receives lots of excuses for it taking so long and many ignored phone calls.

Sadly, Melissa's father passed away after a courageous battle with cancer on June 1, 2010 and never saw justice for his daughter. While going through chemotherapy, he would travel back and forth to North Carolina while Melissa was in the hospital.

This family has been through enough and it's time for the excuses, ignored calls and injustice to stop!

I urge you to look at Melissa Platt's case, charge Melissa's boyfriend for causing the injuries that led to her death, and take it to trial. Melissa deserves justice for her life being stolen from her and the trauma this ordeal has caused her family. Her boyfriend must be held accountable for his actions before he does this to another person.